Cosmique Energy - "Qi"
The Universe is filled with Cosmique Energy……
Cosmique Energy is the universal life energy!

The Universe is a giant whirling pool of cosmique energy. It is constructed by billions of celestial bodies which are constantly releasing energy. This energy comprises of magnetic force and frequency which causes gravitational pull on the celestial bodies. Together they form a balanced and strong magnetic field that lead to a harmonious and graceful force of the universe.

These combinations of natural forces constitute the vitality of all living things on earth. These vitality forces are called ‘Cosmique Energy’.

In the Chinese character, the word ‘cosmique’ is pronounced as “Qì”. Five thousand years ago, the knowledge of cosmique energy has already established itself in the ancient East with the name -- “Xian Tian Qi” (Inborn Vitality Energy).

‘Cosmique energy’ is the origin of the universal force!
‘Cosmique energy’ is the source to sustain and revitalize all living things!
’Cosmique energy’ is the richest and greatest magnetic force in nature!

In the material world, each and every living thing constantly releases one’s magnetic field or waves of frequency. As for the human body, we, too, are releasing them unconsciously. They surround our entire bodies. They can be strong or weak. They are our ‘Body Auras’. Their existence is similar to the atmospheric layers that surround and protect our mother earth.

Besides the Body Aura that exists outside our bodies, there is also a life force within our inner self. Those within the body are called “Xian Tian Qi”. Just as its name suggested, “Xian Tian QI” exists since the time we were born. It can be strong or weak, rich or scarce as we personally have no control over it.

It is generally known that our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves. The healing ability of a person depends very much on the strength of our “Xian Tian QI”. This amazing life energy is a wonderful gift from the great universe. However, this limited “Xian Tian Qi” will be drained one day due to our growing ages, unhealthy eating habit, stress, anxieties and emotions etc.

Consequently, when “Xian TIan Qi” is exhausted, things start to lose their balance. The energy in our bodies become weak and cause imbalances in our body’s energetic field. In other words, our body auras start to lose its shape and turn weak. In this case, we will easily suffer from illness and pain. Indirectly, our mental health will also be badly affected.

Moreover, these energy imbalances will also affect our love lives, family ties, relationships and even our careers. Our career advancements may face obstructions or interruptions due to these imbalances.

By practicing Cosmique Therapy, it helps you to retain and strengthen your “Xian Tian Qi”, furthermore, through the unique “White Ray Healing Therapy” and Cosmique Healing, we can maintain good health in ourselves, our family members or anyone who are conscious about staying healthy.

Now, you can harness this amazing COSMIQUE ENERGY in just 3 DAYS!
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