Testimonials Of Participants:
1.Phang Yi Li
23 years old, female, level 2
Date: 24th of May 2008

No more menstrual pain problem!

I am a person who suffers greatly the menstrual pain. I am really annoyed with the pain every time. Even if I take painkiller, once the effect of the painkiller is over, the pain will recur. After I have learned t he cosmique energy healing therapy, I follow the instruction to use both hands to touch my abdomen, it has improved tremendously, and menstrual pain is no longer my problem anymore. In addition, my insomnia has also greatly improved.

2.Chew Yuan Fang
52 years old, male, salesman, level 2

No need to use asthma spray anymore!

After I have attended the cosmique energy healing therapy lessons in April, my asthma problem has greatly improved. Sometimes it only recurs once in a week or sometimes even once in a month. The last time it recurred was two week ago. The most important thing is that the spirit has improved tremendously. Everyday I need to be on the road for long hours because of work. Now I am more spirited and not easily fall into sleep during driving, this has ensured the safety on the road.

3. Then Yi Ming
42 years old, male.

Slim down 1.8 kg in half a month

The 2nd day after attending the 1+2 lessons, my chronic problem of knee pain which makes me unable to kneel down has been solved. In addition, the deepest impression that I have is the slim down method. I practice the slim down method everyday after my graduation, I have successfully cut down 1.8 kg in merely half a month.

4. Tan Shao Siew
43 years old, female, ballet instructor.

The supplementary therapy that is high recommended

Cosmique energy healing therapy is the therapy that is highly recommended because it does not need injection, intake of medicines. It is also economical, environment-friendly and it can be used as first aid. I have learned cosmique energy healing therapy for a few months and I have some experience to share. There was an occasion when a student of 8 to 9 years old suffered stomach pain and the great pain had made him curled in body, I quickly apply the cosmique energy healing therapy to heal him and his pain has disappeared.

In addition, I also apply the method whenever my children get sick. There was an occasion when my kid suffered fever, I quickly apply cosmique energy healing therapy to treat him and at the same time let him drink more water, the fever has receded. After that during that night my husband and I took turn to perform the healing therapy for numerous times on him, the next day he is healed without even taking any medicines. It is really effective.

5. Name: Teo Guan Joo
Student ref.: 1720-KL-24
Date: 27 May 2009

Sharing of Experience

As I begin my study of Cosmique Therapy since March 2006, I had been waited for three years before I have the chances to proceed to Level 3 in June 2008. However, in Jan 2009 I have another chance to further my study to Level 4.

Throughout the participation and attendance to classes, I have had many experiences sharing from the Brothers and Sisters that came from other States of Malaysia.

One of which that attracting my attention was a Sister from Penang that shared her experience in enhancing her television receiving channel by facing her hand towards the signal receiver.

This idea comes across my mind one day when I was carried out some on line internet transaction. As what we know, our broadband internet devices will get poorer signal or function slower as when we are at the higher rises area. And this idea strike my mind, why don’t I enhance the wireless broadband device like what the Penang Sister did to her TV set. Then I just place my palm towards the wireless device next to me……AMAZING……it is like immediately the downloading speed of the broadband became double or even triple then before.

So, now it becomes my normal practice when faces slow speed broadband services…place my palm above it…thanks to Cosmique Energy and our Master for bringing us this talent.

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