3 Main Characteristics Of Cosmique Therapy
in a 3-day session,


SOARS between your hands

through Cosmique Therapy …

3 Main characteristics of COSMIQUE THERAPY

Personal fine-tuning of the 9 Cosmique Points by Master Mindy Chua With these precise fine-tunings (Activate Chakra), our body will be able to absorb and immerse in the powerful cosmique energy to heal any illness or to improve personal health.

1. Life-long benefit in just 3 days
  1. Building up healthy physique without undergoing strenuous physical exercises or long training.
  2. During this 3-day session, Master Mindy Chua will introduce the best technique to harness the powerful cosmique energy from the universe for our well-being. Using her technique, the cosmique energy will be channelled through our hands to ourselves, our family members or even anyone at anytime, at anyplace to relieve one’s illnesses and pains.

2. White Ray Healing Therapy: ‘Yang Qi Fa”

With the main body points being activated through the fine-tunings, we will be able to channel the purest energy in the universe – White Ray to recharge our bodily energy every day. This technique is targeted to a whole body healing which helps to regenerate the cells in our bodies in order to regain health or recovery. White Ray Healing Therapy is known for its obvious healings of illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attack, insomnia, migraine, nose allergies and excessive stress.

3. The "Cosmique Shield"

It is very important for us to protect ourselves first before we help the others. These shields will protect us from receiving negative energies which may drag us into the “abyss” of sicknesses and diseases as prevention is always better than cure.

The more you give, the more you gain...

Constant motion is the basic characteristic of the Cosmique Energy. Hence, we could never exhaust the abundance of the cosmique energy which fills the entire universe.

Each time when we channel the cosmique energy to help others; the energy will first fill our bodies, charging and refreshing us. You will be amazed by the blessings and thebenevolence that you may expect in return through an encounter of the Cosmique Therapy while giving treatment to the needy. The more your heal, the more you benefits.

COSMIQUE THERAPY is a Complimentary Therapy.
Yet, it never stops to surprise the Mainstream Medical Treatment.

With your Kindness, you would lend a pair of healing hands
channeling the power of osmique energy

To help those who are suffering in bitterness. With Love in the world, there will be thousands of pairs of hands To fulfill humanity with wholeness and prosperity.

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