Cosmique Energy Palm Healing Therapy
It can be mastered within three days for the benefits of the whole family.

That is correct! Within 3 days in the cosmique energy healing therapy class, you will be able to master the technique of how to tap the energy to improve the health of yourself and your family members.

Within 3 days in the cosmique energy palm therapy lessons, Master Chua will personally guide you on how to activate the chakras to tap the energy. After the activation of chakras for three days, you will be very energetic and having a cheerful look! For those who are not well, they will immediately see the improvement after three days.

In addition, cosmique energy palm therapy lessons also include the teaching of universe white ray therapy. White ray therapy is to tap the purest energy for the benefit of our body and discharge the negative energy in our body so as to maintain health. Master Chua will also teach all of you how to hold and release the palm energy. She will also apply her hands practically to perform together with the participants in order to strengthen your confidence.

In cosmique energy healing therapy lessons, it also emphasizes the teaching for the healing of different kinds of illnesses, especially on high blood pressure, diabetics, nose allergy, migraines, insomnia, respiratory and urinary system so that the participants can master easily. Cosmique energy study is the study that supplements medical studies. In energy healing therapy, it can help to improve different kinds of illnesses especially the above stated illnesses. It has also helped a lot of people to regain their health. The prudent, in-depth and humorous way of teaching from Master Mindy Chua will definitely bring you great joys and benefits.

Cosmique energy studies – it is an exclusive loving therapy

Cosmique energy palm therapy is not the usual loving therapy. When you put your hands which is full of energy on the body of your love ones, your are not only offering help by treating them but also showing your care and love to them, this will definitely strengthen the relationship towards each other. In the process of giving and accepting, the relationship between the participants and their relatives will be greatly enhanced.

Let come and study cosmique energy lessons and experience the care and love arisen therein.

Who can learn cosmique energy lessons?
  • If you treasure the health of you and your family, please come and understand how to apply cosmique energy to maintain our health happily.
  • If you practice “qigong” for years, please come to experience the energy in your hands.
  • If you love yoga and meditation, please come to experience the marvelous chakras.
  • If you are full of curiosity about energy science, please come to experience cosmique energy field.

Having a pair of cosmique energized hands is just
like having a family doctor 24 hours at home

Please convey this great news to
other persons in order to increase our energy level of good deed.

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