What is Cosmique Therapy?
Cosmique energy healing therapy is the therapy that taps the energy surrounding us to treat the illness of our body and at the same time extend it to our love ones in the family and even to any body around us……… It can be learned within three days.

Cosmique energy: It is the energy from the universe

Every life in the world is unleashing different kinds of energy, naturally our body is also releasing energy which will be surrounding our body and this energy is called body aura. This is just like the earth being surrounded with a layer of atmosphere which serves as a protection shield. Irregular flow of blood is the result of the wrong intake of food, fatigue especially emotional problem. When our body energy weaken, it will cause the body field out of equilibrium which in turn impair our body aura, and if this happens, it will aggravate the loss of our life vigour and result in all kinds of illness even to the extent that we will be out of control mentally and emotionally.

We all know that our body is naturally endowed with self-healing ability. The strength of our body energy is manifested by the strength of the self- healing. This great energy is naturally in existence which surrounds our body. Cosmique energy healing therapy is the therapy that we can master within three days for the benefits of ourselves, family members and all the people surrounding us.


Level 1 + 2 (3 lessons in 3 days)

Lesson Contents

1st lesson
  1. Master Chua will personally activate chakras for every participant.
  2. Cosmique energizing.
  3. Purifying.
  4. Apply cosmique energy healing therapy to treat migraines, dizziness, fever, insomnia and first aid.

2nd lesson
  1. Activate chakras.
  2. Protection shield: Cosmique Ring.
  3. Unleash cosmique energy from both hands.
  4. Master Chua will personally guide you on how to apply both hands to transmit energy to heal the other participants.
  5. How to apply cosmique energy to improve high blood pressure, diabetics, nose allergy, respiratory system and digestive system.

3rd lesson:
  1. Activate chakras.
  2. Floating therapy.
  3. Cosmique healing to treat fever, pain and dizziness.
  4. Apply cosmique energy to treat physiological and urinary system.
  5. To treat pets and plants.

Having a pair of cosmique energized hands is just
like having a family doctor 24 hours at home

Please convey this great news to
other persons in order to increase our energy level of good deed.

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